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Step away from the usual gifts and get something different, a ride-on car, the ultimate child's toy, who wouldn't want to whizz around the garden at full-speed in a Ferrari? Even the parents get the chance to join in with full steering and speed control through the app or separate remote control, often leading to some competitive drag races!... Don't tell mom. Below are 6 reasons why your kids, kids at heart included, will benefit from and enjoy a ride-on car;   Your Child Can Cruise Around The Neighbourhood In Style Why stick with the norm such as bikes, skateboards,...

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Licensed vs. Non-Licensed Ride on CarsWhat’s the difference…..we see a lot of different ride on cars circulating the internet these days. Some with 100 different features… some that look good…some that are big…..some that are small….and some are just plain old ugly. So the question is what’s the difference?Licensed? What does that mean? A licensed product is a product that has the legal right to use a company’s logo, style, symbols and even colour. To license your product you must meet quality standard for your product and pay royalty fees to the company to use their logos, styles and even color....

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