Mercedes Benz GTS AMG - Special Edition 12V iMove

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Combining class with speed!


Reaching top speeds of 6mph there's no cooler way to cruise around the neighborhood. Sporting a stylish red racing stripe and white finish, this one-seater oozes all things, Mercedes. Don't forget us parents can take it for a spin when the kids aren't looking,you have complete control via the iMove app available on IOS and Android.

When the kids are behind the wheel they have a fully electric brake and accelerator coupled with a forward-backward gear stick for an easy switch between reverse and acceleration.


Materials: Plastic and metal

Remote Control: parents can control the car directly from the app.
Power: 12V
With battery and charger included
Accelerator: on the right foot
Electric brake
Speed: 3-4 MPH
Recommended age: + 3 years
Gross weight: 30 kg
Weight: 14.7 kg.
Measurements: 132.5 x 68 x 46.5 cm.

Made in Spain