Porsche 911 Turbo S 12V Special Edition iMove

Porsche 911 Turbo S 12V Special Edition iMove

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Don't we all wish we had a Porsche 911 as our first car, coasting down the road with the wind in our hair? Well, it looks like our children are going to beat us to it, or so they think.

Your little tyke might be the one in the driving seat, but you'll still be the one taking command with the iMoveapp. You can even make a road trip playlist to blast through the speakers via the MP3 connector available.


Materials: Plastic and metal

Remote Control: iMove, parents can control the car directly from the app.
Power: 12V
With battery and charger included
Accelerator: on the right foot
Electric brake
Speed: 5- 6 km/h
Recommended age: +3 years
Maximum weight: 30 kg
Weight: 14,7 kg.
Measures: 132.5 X 68 X 46.5 cm.

Made in Spain