When are the products shipped?

Products are shipped within 24hrs once the order has been made. Standard shipping  and each customer will receive a tracking number for their package.

How long does the battery last?

Disconnecting the battery each time you use it will ensure your to last a long time. Misuse of battery will result in lesser lifetime of the battery.

Can we buy spare parts?

Spare parts are available at your request.

Where are you located?

Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Can I drive two cars at the same time without remote control interference?

Yes. Only for models that have a 2.4GHZ remote control you can drive two cars at the same time without interference. Or one car that has a 27 MHZ and the other 2.4GHZ remote control.

What is the age requirements on the cars?

There isn't a specific age requirement for the car as children's size differ from age to age. Manufactures age recommendation is from 2 - 8 years old. However the maximum size capacity is between 55 - 75 pounds depending on the model. In any case children should always be monitored by an adult.

What is a 2 in 1 mode?

Children that are younger than 3 can be put in the car with a seat belt and be driven by the provided remote control. Once the child can properly use the steering wheel and the gas pedal he/she could drive on their own. Ideally this car will last a child from their 2nd birthday to their 6th! And then passed on to their younger siblings!